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Fishing Report


          Nearly the start of summer. This weekend  the Swans will  come the Melbourne to take on the Doggies. Can the Dogs last the distance- last weeks game against the Giants was unbelievably tough.   YES WE DO HAVE TVS' AT THE KYALITE PUB AND YES THEY WILL ON THE FOOTY.   At Kyalite we are getting high rivers, no  flooding or great drama but many  locals are shifting pumps further up the bank. Fishermen and campers should be able to find a spot in one of the many  State Forests. May be a few puddles around, just watch for them. We have checked the YR.NO weather forecast and only .6mm to 1.6 mm is predicted  for Thursday and Friday.with a slight westerly breeze.

     Fish are still slow ( hope we will have something to write about after this weekend)  but  any fish caught are going on worms. Shrimp still hard to come by.  Fishing Licences available at the Kyalite Pub and, if you are new to the disrtict, ask for a map to find your way. Don't ask for any Fishing Regulations. the Fisheries sent a great big box of all the new regs, sizes, catch limits etc etc. All for saltwater fishing. So if you are include to go to, say, Batemans  Bay for a spot of offshore fishing first call into the Kyalite Pub to get your free copy of all the new regs.